History of camp

History of Himmelbjerget

The Northwest Danish Association has put on a Danish Cultural Conference for decades. In the late 80’s, a group of conference participants were discussing how they wished there was a similar program for their children to participate in. A group of Danes in the Eugene and Portland areas got together and proposed Himmelbjerget.

Himmelbjerget was born in 1989. The first year was small, but it quickly grew. The camp can hold a maximum of about 60 campers. Past themes have included: Vikings, Jul (Christmas in Denmark), Påske (Easter in Denmark), Fastelavn, Geography, and Travel in Denmark.

In 1995, the Northwest Danish Association adopted the Himmelbjerget program and it is one of their most successful programs. Most campers choose to come back every year.
“We’re really close, like a family, but where you can choose your own relatives!” says Carley Kromann, a long time camper, senior camper, and now counselor.

We invite you to explore our website, come to an event, or simply send your camper to camp. You’ll see what a positive effect learning about Denmark can have on your child!


The Themes of past camps

  • 1989 No theme- just camp

  • 1990 Fastelavn

  • 1991 Christmas on 4th of July

  • 1992 Easterand Paaske breakfast

  • 1993 Vikings & Skt. Hans

  • 1994 Danish Royalty & Queen’s Birthday

  • 1995 Geography-Danmark Rundt

  • 1996 Jul and Rebild

  • 1997 H.C. Andersen and Skole in Denmark

  • 1998 Elverhoj

  • 1999 Vikings and feasts

  • 2000 Famous Danes and Queen Margrethe’s Birthday

  • 2001 Danish Festivals

  • 2002 Danish Castles

  • 2003 Folklore

  • 2004 Jul

  • 2005 H.C. Andersen’s 200th Birthday

  • 2006 Vikings

  • 2007 Rejse i Danmark!

  • 2008 Kongehuset

  • 2009 København

  • 2010 Jul

  • 2011 Mythology

  • 2012 Danish Castles

  • 2013 Hans Christian Andersen

  • 2014 Danish Festivals

  • 2015 Can’t remember… it was that good

  • 2016 Vikings!

  • 2017 Jul